Why Patches Work Better than Pills

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By using cutting edge scientific research Nutriband products are able to deliver bare essential ingredients through your skin. These products are designed to have the nutrients you need to be absorbed by your body some of these products are an Energy Patch, Slim Patch and a Vitamin Patch. Transdermal technology (taking though the skin) has many benefits. Here are 6 reasons transdermal patches are better than taking pills…

  1. NO MORE PILLS, say goodbye to choking on pills. With Nutriband patches you are no longer taking a hoarse pill with a bad aftertaste every day. Forget to take pills? Put this patch on at any time day or night. Peel, Patch, Perform.

  2. 0 CALORIES, because you are not orally consuming and digesting anything in your stomach there is no cost to the calorie count. Ingredients are not wasted on making something taste good or a binding agent to keep it in pill form. The bare essential Ingredients get soaked up through your skin and directly to your bloodstream.

  3. NO ADDITIVES, Like stated before Nutriband products contain nothing but the bare essential ingredients, there are no binders, fillers, additive coloring Your stomach is not digesting any unwanted or unneeded ingredients. Your stomach will have the time to digest more important things.

  4. VEGAN AND GLUTEN FREE! Every Nutriband patch is completely Vegan and Vegetarian friendly there is no unwanted animal by-product such as gelatin. And because there are no preservatives or additives there is only the essential ingredients in the patch this also means that it is Gluten free! And if you need a Gluten-Free

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