What You Need to Know Before You Move to Florida

Living in Orlando Florida; Destination Review.

Hello thanks for tuning in today to the party. I’m moving AGAIN and  I wanted to share with you what I learned from moving to Florida and what I wish I would have been told before moving here. So here is…

  1. Renting will ring you dry. Not only is there hardly anything to rent but they are all priced so high and they add all these fees on top of that. So if you come to Florida come to buy a house. You’ll save money and pay your own mortgage.
  2. The traffic and tolls. Getting anywhere takes forever, you have to plan an hour at least to get anywhere in this town. And if there is traffic well you’re dead ride kill on the side of the road and you won’t make it home n a timely matter. And don’t forget those darn tolls, you must have the exacts amount or they make it impossible to pay. The only way to pay is to get the exact coins and mail it in. Who has time for that. I’ currently waiting for my bill to arrive most likely with a added fee so I pay it like a new age millennial women that I am.
  3. The bugs. We moved house five times in 6 months and every time we moved we would get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Huge bites all over, it’s a war that cannot be won no matter how many mosquito candles you buy. And the roaches? They come out at night and you never even know they were there until one dies and the clan of roaches leaves their fallen brother behind as a reminder of who is uncharged while you are sleeping. Gross.
  4. Cost of living is expensive and you must come with a job. Everything is more expensive, the gas, the food, the restaurants. Just know everywhere you go you have to pay for parking. And don’t even get me started on tolls! (Sorry needed to be said again, just tax me like every other state does. Please.) And there are two companies for the tolls and they make it super inconvenient to pay the toll after the fact. So you plan on going to the mall? Well plan on spending 7 bucks on tolls to go there. And if you come looking for a job don’t even bother applying. you will be over qualified and get underpaid to work Mcdonalds and you still won’t get the job at the two arches. Come with a job Orlando Florida will not have one for you.
  5. No sense of community in orlando; everywhere in Orlando that we lived had a tourist feel, Except Sanford. That’s a hidden gem that can get scary at night, and even priests get robbed. So if you want a hometown  feel you must get out of orlando. Let me tell you more about Sanford so this post doesn’t seem like I hate Florida. The people are so friendly and I swear I talk to at least 2 people every time I walk the dogs. There is always something fun going on, festivals or town parties. It’s next to a pier and there are a ton of new hip restaurants and pubs popping up everything. Just be careful in sanford at night it’s like the movie “The Purge”, so never walk alone and mind your q’s about safety and you’ll be fine. Anyway back to the sense of community, I was a pageant queen of my hometown, I love feeling apart of the city. Florida was the first time I lived outside of my hometown. So honestly anywhere would probably get the same reaction.
  6. No seafood. Your by the ocean but there is not any seafood? Can anyone tell me why this is? I’ve asked around and no one knows. Just the way it is. I’m from Utah a dessert and we have the same seafood quality as here in Florida. Which sucks because I love seafood and somehow even bing near the ocean can’t get a decent salmon.  This still blows my mind.

So if you coming for a visit it’s all well and good. You’ll love the weather and the attractions. But I hope this post is helpful if you are planning to move and will help you prepare for the new venture. To each there own, who knows you may love it.

Hello and Goodbye to the friends we made in florida, you all where and are great and we will back for a meeting in a few weeks and none of you probably red my blog but it will be out in the universe and hopefully we will meet up again then.

Goodbye Florida! I’m on to OHIO!!


Here are some of my top favorite pics of us in Florida. If your moving house and needs some tips make sure to check out my tips to moving. Click Here.

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April 19, 2017 at 8:27 pm

Wow! Wish I would have checked this out a little sooner! My son just moved to Florida a few months ago. He’s not in Orlando, he’s in Deland. I’m going on May 1st to stay with him for a few weeks. Thanks for the warning about the bugs and roaches!!!!

April 19, 2017 at 8:31 pm

Anytime Ginny! Get that bug spray out!!! And you will like Deland it’s a small town but lovely!


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