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Well some of you have been asking what it is I am doing, what is  Basically it can be shortly described very bluntly in the above caption. Are you feeling like their needs to be more of an explanation? The SEO for this post would agree with you so let me explain.  It’s a party, my party the theme of the party will change but their will always be a girly twist. Hence the name literally means Anything Girly.Do not get boxed in on societies  black and white description of the word GIRLY, you can be a boy and like this page. This website is NOT for labels riddled in stereotypes or for the fake it till you make it robots hiding behind their many scripted perfect  masks. This website is for anyone that is fluently flawed and trying to navigating through a world that has an expectation of a flat, impersonal, perfect capture.

I choose this name because growing up being girly I felt ashamed. I downplayed my girly-ness and worked hard at sports, lied to friends about not playing with Barbies. It hit me now being an adult that I need to Glorify in my girly-ness, I need to stop dressing down according to the company I will be seeing. I need to stop pretending that I do not own a crown or clean the house in a ball gown. This is me and being girly doesn’t mean I am stupid. I have an opinion about politics and even though I am bad at math, I am smart. I am strong. I am more than enough.

So what I’m saying is being pretty is not the only thing that matters, I am strong, creative, flawed  and above else I trying to be more kind than I have  been in my past. And this to me is beautiful, this to me is the word Girly. Looks are not everything but why not make life more fun and dress more flamboyantly and girly. This is why the site is called Anything Girly, we all have a girly side that wants to come out every once in awhile. And changing the way we label Girl and Girly is a big part of it.  

So thank you for joining me today by clicking the link. I appreciate your time and your curiosity that brought you here.

I‘ll now explain my blog.

Anything Girly originally started because I wanted a space to bring together the writing I was doing for Nutriband, Val’s Bytes and my Online Store IDDY COLLECTIVE.  I already had a YouTube channel for beauty and it was easy to start writing and creating this website on a larger more refined scale then I had before. This is going to be raw, authentically flawed and totally me, well it’s going to be at least parts of me.

As I said my shop originally started at IDDY COLLECTIVE and featured my Closet (Heidi’s Hidden Closet) and sold items from other boutique owners and brands from around the world. This was a great learning experience but it felt forced, I am not a fashion expert. I would like to think I am trendy sometimes but fashion is not my passion. I love wearing pretty things and I have had a love affair with silk my whole life. But this subject was limiting my creativity and I felt trapped. When I brought my shop and blog together it was a match made in heaven. Ya know when you are sitting there and something finally clicks? Your AH HA moment? This was it and it brought back my creativity with a vengeance. I could not be more happy.

I know that you can not please everyone and people will see my site and probably a post and hate it. And That’s ok, I am only worried about what I think about myself and I am trying to be as authentic and transparent as I can be.

This blog also has some real intent for keeping in touch with my family. I am no longer living in my hometown and it has been hard living away from them and at least I know someone is reading this. So to my family I say this… I love you and I will be home soon. And at least you may come to this site and get a little touch of an awkward irony fix until I am home again.

If you read this all the way through and you are not a family member I applaud you. Please comment below on any tips you have that could enhance my writing or I’d love some tips on how to survive better living away from home.

Find me on any social media by clicking the appropriate link in your upper left menu or click here for a link to Instagram @Shop_AnythingGirly

Comment on the a post that you came to the party by using #lifeisaparty and I will make sure to follow or subscribe back. I ‘m looking for my tribe and would love to interact and connect.

Thanks again and never forget who you are and what you stand for.


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