Viking Jewelry Makes a Statement


Viking Jewelry that will rock your soul into the past and never let you go.

Viking Jewelry is all the trend and it has me giddy, I would prefer to dress like a viking warrior princess everyday. These metals mixed with jewels and soft fabric make this trend wearable and a knock out statement. These pieces will get you out of bed and excited to put your feet on the floor.

I know your obsessed with the History’s Channel “The Vikings” like I am. So I also linked a video on how to do Lagertha’s hair. She is a bad ass character that deserves the air time, let’s keep her lime light going. Make sure when doing this look you have prepped the night before and put your hair in braids, puff up the front and braid the side. If you need a video on how to add the braid, No worries I have it here. Click here for the video to see how I add a chain to my braid.

Check it out below and comment below your favorite season and favorite look from this bad @$$ character.

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