Black Rock Market in Dublin Ireland

My Second trip to the Green Isle

I am taking over the blog this week with talking about part of my trip to Ireland. I know most of my readers are the people closet to me so this post is really for you. Really you my dear sister. I’m taking your advice and I took some pictures of a fun cute hidden away market in the heart of Dublin.

I love antiques and so this had to put on the books as a great day. Its called BlackRock Market. Its little and cozy and the finds go from old tea cups and old dresses to old books. My favorite bit was a small store anitque clothing store. It only had a few dresses and shoes. There was some beautiful hats I took pictuers of that are featured below.

It was a joy to see the finds and I hope you agree because all these pictures I took myself  so join me at the market today and tell me what you think of the little  BlackRock Market in Dublin, Ireland.

Take a look at the shop and see what have trending on the site. I am adding things all the time and its funny on what sells out the first day is usually things i’m a bit iffy about selling. Make me happy so go check out the shop, click here.

Love ya, leave ya peeps.

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