Nutrition Myths

Top Nutrition Myths Busted

Every year nutrition myths saturate the fitness world. These nutrition myths are developed by so called “gym experts” and advertisements.  The purpose of this blog is to deconstruct these nutrition myths.

Nutrition Myth #1: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day:

I do agree with the way you start your day is extremely important. However, eating breakfast is not absolutely necessary to achieving good health. There was a study done by Dr. Jacob Wilson (the muscle Phd on social media) at ASPI labs in Tampa Florida, where they studied what people ate (or didn’t eat) for breakfast and how it affected their metabolism the rest of the day. What they found was when participants ate a high carb meal, their body continued to burn glucose as a source of fuel throughout the rest of the day and therefore slowed their fat metabolism the rest of the day. However, when they ate a high fat/low carb breakfast, they continued to burn fat as their main source of fuel throughout the rest of the day.  This is pretty huge! What you start your day with will determine if you burn fat the rest of the day. NUTRITION MYTH BUSTED! Click here to read more.

Thank you Jenny at FitCon for sharing your wisdom debunking all these myths. You can of follow her and her health journey on Facebook at JennilynGriffiths

And thank you readers for checking out my blog today, Im to share the wisdom of my good friend. And remember health and fitness is a marathon not a sprint, take it one day at a time and enjoy the journey.



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