Things To Remove From Your Closet NOW! Featuring Fashion Blogger Christie Ressel

Cleaning out your closet with Christie Ressel

Hello party goers, thanks for checking in today at I wanted to feature an awesome #bossbabe that is rocking it on YouTube. I  found Christie Ressel a while back while surfing the tube. Its can be a dark place that will suck hours from you if you aren’t careful. On this occasion though I found a light in the darkness and have now become little obsessed. She is extremely cute and I myself find it hard to video blog about fashion (to this date I have failed to complete and publish a video on the subject.) Anywho, she is hustling the genre like a boss, I had to share her latest Vblog post today. I know you will like her as much as I do and I’m sure it will be nice to have another voice on so without further adieu here is her post Things to remove from your closet now!


“Let’s talk about the top items that are out of style and you need to get rid of and move from your closet! Closet purging always feels so good, whether it’s 5 pieces, 10 pieces, or mass amounts from our wardrobe. Here are the top things to remove from your closet now. I always talk about how to clean out your closet to my clients, and how to organize your closet around these top things out of style in your closet.”

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