The Viking’s Hair Style

How to do Lagertha’s Hair from The Vikings


I made this video for my Youtube channel years ago and it is my highest viewed video at 250,000 views and growing. Not bad a for a girl that was blogging because she was bored. In this video will learn how I created Lagertha’s look. And yes I say her name wrong. What can ya do. Here are some written steps to the look…

  1. Have dirty hair and braid your entire head. You need kinky hair for this look.
  2. Create the top part of the hair using two bobby pins, pinning, twisting and teasing to make it look like in the video.
  3. Find a chain and start your side braid. While putting your hair into three pieces and starting your bread put your chain into the side pieces. And forget the chain is there and braid a cornrow like normal. Braid to the end and tie. Gently find the chain and pull it out to have it more visible. You’ll need to do this throughout the braid.
  4. Repeat to the other side. The great thing about this hair style is your a viking the braid doesn’t have to be perfect. Finish the look with a bit of teasing here and there for a bigger puffier look and there ya go. Viking Hair.

Thanks for checking in on my blog, let me know what you think of this video. I can’t wait to create some more. Oh how I have missed using my camera and editing things.

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