Tan on a Budget

Two Tan Products you can get at your Local Grocery.

So as you all know I use to be a stylist of 7 years, I only say use to be in the fact I am currently not doing hair professionally.  If this is your first visit to the party then you know my back story, beauty is in my blood and I always find myself having a foot in the door. So with that being said it will not be surprise that I own my own professional tanning gun and tanning machine. I miss using it. I have been traveling so much the last year and a half that I have not been able to use my huge heavy gun. So this lead to my journey of finding the perfect tan on the go, I have tested out so many products. I also was in Florida for 6 months off and on and needed a tan to feel more comfortable in a place where in dark tans are the norm for winter. Now is everyone up to speed on the story of my tanning past? I wanted to get you up to speed on my experience, I’m use to a professional tan and these products get me looking like I have a natural tan. Let’s get on with the show I will now share with you my two favorite products that have changed my tanning adventure.

Product One!


I put this product on everyday before getting dressed. It smells amazing and I have NEVER been streaky nor am I orange. Plus, how can you say no to anything that states that it will firm, tighten and fight that cellulite war! I have used this product for a long time and I currently use the MEDIUM TO TAN but I have also used the lighter version and liked it as well. This product has also gotten a Irishmen’s review and he used it for a week and then odd and on till now. I swear when he uses it, it gives him natural tan look, I am still amazed; you know that Irish skin is hard to tan and it’s hard to find a fake tan that that doesn’t look orange or green. This stuff is amazing you can get at any local grocery or here is a link for Target. Click Here.

Product Two!

L’areal Paris SUBLIME BRONZE in Medium

This product I use after every shower. Make sure your skin is all the way dry, it can streak but I have got the application down where I NEVER streak. Make sure to rub in all the way and when I know I need a extra boost I do two coats. I wait about a 15 min. between coats, just long enough to put on my make up and brush my hair. This product will give you a sparkly fairy dust skin so be aware of it’s magical tanning powers. It will get you skin looking like you just came out of the fairy world ready to conquer your day. This sparkly madness goes away by the next day mind you so be aware.

These two product have gotten me through not being able to use my spray tan machine. I almost like these products better because I can double up on smaller sections that would not be as possible with the spray. I also like that it looks more natural and less drastic then a spray tan. You can get this product at any local grocery or here is link for targets. Click Here.

Tanning Tips

Prep Before Your Tan.

Make sure to exfoliate your skin really well and then shave your legs and a lotion will be your new best friend, use it daily. Prepping your skin before putting the tan on will make it look more flawless. Let me know how it goes in the comments and let me know what your favorite tan product is!

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