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Hello party goers,thanks for joining the party today. I am close to having 1000 subscribers on my beauty channel on YouTube. I need to get past this number so cool features and enabled. Please click the link below and SUBSCRIBE! Here are a few of my videos to help you get to know me.

I started doing videos because it was a great way to advertise for my salon and I was extremely scared to try. So with that being said I am a huge nerd and I hope these videos comes off authentic and I hope you can see the evolution of my videos as time has gone by. I love all the aspects of making videos and its crazy on how you have this idea of what you want the video to like and then you shoot it and while your editing it the videos turns into something totally different. Please let me know what you like and drop me comment, the video below is my post popular video. Are you a fan of the vikings? Go watch the season and fall in love with Lagertha like I have.

 This video is slightly undone, I couldn’t fid my camera stand and I couldn’t get anything to work BUT this takes about toning your hair which most people don’t know what or how to do this. Toning is getting rid of any orange or yellow tones in your hair. Your taking a purple or blue which is the opposite color on the color wheel to orange and yellow. Your using simple coloration techniques to brighten and even your blonde hair. And don’t you love this elegant bathroom I am in? Me to.

Thank you again for coming to my blog and I appreciate your support in helping get over 1,000 subscribers on the Tube! Please check out my Online Shop and let me know what you think. If you have questions on sizes or fabrics message me on the “Send us a Message” button. I’d love to talk to you.

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