Shoulders are bringing Sexy Back This Summer!

Summer Trends 2016

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I love summer, I am a warm blooded being. And therefore I love Summer Fashion. There is much more styles to choose from in summer verses winter. So in acknowledgement of my favorite time of year here is a post about summer trends. I have always thought that shoulders are one of the most under rated body part of a woman’s anatomy. I am in love with all the tops that showcasing this extremity, from cut outs to off the shoulder. I am all in on this trend. Matched together with a choker, do not miss out on the wrap necklace, I previously wrote a long post about it. You can customize how low you want it to hang by how many times you choose to wrap it around your brilliant neck. You can shop these awesome trendy wearable chokers at the shop. I have options in many styles and price ranges. Click here to shop now.

This post is quick and to the point on this trend but I wanted to take a moment and showcase what I think is trending.

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Thank you again for coming to my blog in a world where there is so much content I’m stoked you came to mine. Let me know who you are by commenting below your favorite part of your body!

Let’s love ourselves more and stop body shaming ourselves. My favorite quote is “You are YOU and that is your POWER.”

So show off your power today and be the be YOU.

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