Puppy Training Tips

Hello there party animals, I was asked to do some puppy training tips! I am not a certified dog trainer but dogs and just about any and all animals are special to me. I should of went to school in Veterinary but instead I will have tons of dogs and animals and then one day I will die. I have raised two dogs myself and grew up having dogs. I’m done telling you my lack of qualifications to write this post so lets get back to point. Here are my 5 tips on puppy training.

1. Teach them to be on a lead. How I taught my dog was I would hold the lead tight keeping them by my side. When they pull and they will,  turn around going the opposite direction, doing this over and over till they finally get it. For my Pyrenees this was super quick he got it within a week I believe and only gave me trouble here and there. But when he pulls I turn and go the opposite direction. I also don’t let me dogs stop and sniff. I give them time off the leash so that when we go on walks we walk. When it’s off leash time they can sniff and go where they please; there is a time for everything. This leash training worked well for me and I hope it does for you.

2. Teach them not only how to go potty but teach them how to tell you when they need to go. This was a must for me because I’m a busy body. I am not going to be able to notice my dog waiting by the door. Now don’t get me wrong sometimes I do but definitely not 100%. And puppies need 100% to learn. Here is how I potty trained both of my dogs. I bought a big cow bell and hung it by the door. Every two hours I would grab the pooch and I would take the paw and ring the bell. I then praised, praised and praised. Then we went out side to the grass and I said “Go potty!” And I waited till the puppy did and I would praise the high heavens and the fluffy pup again. And we would go inside. This was every two hours till they started doing it themselves. Finley, my Great Pyrenees got in a few days, Fiona my Pomchi took weeks. With her being so small and the fact I had moved while trying to teach her, I blame myself for the oopses that happened over the next few months. I wasn’t has vigilant but I can say she is potty trained now. WAHOO!

3. Teach the basics. Sit, lay down, up. Look up on YouTube how to teach your dog these tricks. That’s literally how I taught them.

4. Teach them how to be groomed. I did not do this with Finley and I wish I did. He didn’t shed till he was 1 years old and so I never brushed him, I now I have to do it in 10-20 increments which is not enough time in shedding season. Brush your pup every other day if you know he/she is gonna have a tough adult coat.

5. Teach your pup how to swim. Now this is where I blame my old partner he use to just throw the dogs in. So sad! They hate water now! Treat dogs how you want to be treated and get in with them and hold them. Help them feel comfortable and when they are ready to swim they will. And if there is a pool teach them where to get out of the pool. I wish my dogs could use water as a fun activity but they will just dip they feet into a river and they stay away from pools.

I hope these tips help you with your puppy training. Comment below with questions. I have great opinions. 😏

Here is Fiona and Finley playing when Fiona was a puppy.

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