Pros and Cons to a Great Pyrenees

Giant breeds are the best.

If you follow my blog you are well aware I have Great Pyrenees pooch. If your just joining the party and this is your first post to read welcome to my blog. First of all thank you for taking time out of their day to read this post. I know there are tons of blogs out on the inter webs these days and I appreciate you coming to mine.  Anyway back to giant dogs and the pros and cons to specifically having a Great Pyrenees Pooch.


1. These dogs are so well behaved. He checks in with me often and before he makes a move 90% of the time he waits for permission. He never goes to the bathroom inside. He only howls at a siren during the day. (This took some training.) He loves children and people but I find he is still the best guard dog warning off bad people. Best temperament in a dog I have ever met or ever had the pleasure to own and have in my furpack.

2. He sleeps a ton. We currently live in a place that doesn’t have a yard! (I know, he needs a big yard but the life of travelers has got us and we couldn’t pass up where we currently lay our hat.  (It’s temporary people.) But anyway I never have to worry about what he is up to because 9 times out of ten it will be sleeping on the floor. I somewhat think he guards us during the night because of his nocturnal instinct. He waits for me to wake up before he physically gets out of the bed or make any noise, seriously best dog ever!

3. For a giant breed he really doesn’t eat that much, not as much as you would think. One scoop on the morning and one at night with a few snacks in between of healthy dog friendly, human food. Just found out he freakin loves milk which is insurance for mommy to know he is hydrated while living in Florida.

4. Extremely good with kids, this boy loves kids and always has, he gets so excited and loves to give kids kisses. I can’t wait till I have kids and see how he reacts and treats them.

5. He loves other dogs and sometimes is the big boy that stops fights. He will play and chase with dogs but right when some of them get into it, he will be right in the middle and will bark and stop the fight. It’s super cute.

6. His hair is self cleaning and heats and cools himself. He will go roll around in whatever and get completely dirty from head to toe and an hour later looks brand new. And as long as I brush brush brush I know he is cool enough to live in the Florida heat. Pretty awesome!

7. He is very aware and very protective, From being my solid ground when it’s slippery outside, to making sure I’m ok when I burn myself. He is always right there looking at me making sure  I’m ok. I love it. He is my protector an best friend without going over board like my Pomchi does.

8. He is a superstar. I cannot go one day without someone telling me they love my dog or want a picture with him. And I totally get it he is amazing and he has been a great way to make friends.



1. His hair, it’s everywhere! I try to keep up and clean, clean ,clean but Florida floors show every bit of his hair. I am going to start setting money aside to get him professionally cleaned and pampered and see if that helps. I’ll let you know how it goes, meanwhile I’ll be brushing everyday till shedding season is done.

2. They are escape artists. If he can fit half his head through he can get out. He loves to chase cats which is weird since he grew up with a cat. But  he loves to chase and he will break through a lead or fence to be able to run wild after those kitties or squirrels.

3. Get ready for the bills, everything is much more expensive because he is so big. Have to mention this as a con but I really wouldn’t change anything. He is worth it.

4. One day he will have hip issues. Makes me super sad to think of the days to come but most Pyrenees get joint hip issues. So save up some emergency money for your pooch.

It’s funny most of these cons are hardly cons to me which I guess means why I have a Great Pyrenees. I love this breed and love this dog so much!

Puppy tips! 

I wish someone would of told me to do this training with my Pyrenees puppy. Finley hardly shed as a puppy… so I never brushed his hair. Brush your puppies hair every other day if not every day so they like it and are use to it. It’s currently new coat seasons for us and Finley will only let me brush for a 10 minutes maybe less and he runs away from me. 

Second tip, introduce your puppy to water early. Finley is so afraid of water! (It didn’t help that my old partner would throw him in the lake.) Teach and treat your dog like you would a baby. First holding them in water, then slowing move around and teaching them how to swim and show them where to get out of the pool. If that is applicable. You’ll be glad that water can be another outlet for your pooch to play in. 

Thanks for joining the party today hope this post helps you get to know my favorite breed and favorite dog. Go follow my Personal Instagram where I post a on of photos of my dog. Click Here.



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p.s. Here is a video of him as a puppy. So freakin cute! Make sure to subscribe to my channel so I get more features enabled.

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Sara Rasmussen
February 24, 2017 at 5:07 am

Thanks for the info. Totally want to get a big dog. I would love more about how you trained him when he was a puppy.

February 27, 2017 at 3:26 pm

Done and done!


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