My Perfect Eyes Product Review

Hello party goers, I’ve been waiting forever to publish this post about My Perfect Eyes. Gareth’s mom (My man’s mom) Anne sent me the video to this product and I was amazed there was something like this on the market. I love the idea of a temporary fix to combat puffiness and smooth out fine lines and pores. And guess what this product really works! It took me a few applications to figure out how to use it so I thought I would write those tips down here accompanied by the good and bad news about this product.

How to get the most out of My Perfect Eyes

  1. Shake the bottle up well and use the applicator to stir the product. They warn you on the website that this product needs to be mixed up well or it can look chalky on your skin. Honestly they should put a couple hard beads in the bottle so you can shake that bottle up and know your are really mixing it together. Just unsolicited advice from me.

  2. Make sure your face is super clean. No oils, no product, no SPF. I have found this product worked best when I put it on straight out of the shower after a face wash and exfoliate.

  3. Use the applicator to put on the product, smooth the product over the desired areas and make sure to go all the way to the hair line and try to blend is into your skin. This is a small think layer that coats the skin and when it’s dried it hardens if you do not get a even smooth application it will go chalky.

  4. No not use any lotion or oil based products to keep the product working at its best. I used bare minerals powder for a little coverage and called it good. This did the job and Gareth said I looked younger and fresh faced. I felt a little uncomfortable because like a full coverage makeup look but to each there own.

The Good News!

This product really works, I have a huge pore on my forehead and when I used this product it soothed it out. I really noticed an improvement in my under eyes and the product really smoothed out any wrinkles and made my pores disappear.

The BAD News!

This product takes practice to get perfect, So many times I would put it on to a couple hours later see a chalky look to my skin. I also don’t like leaving the house without using an SPF and a moisturizer let alone my full coverage makeup. These products when applied after the My Perfect Eyes seemed to dissolve the the product leaving wrinkles and pores to be visible.

More Good News!

This product is before its time and so the good news I will leave you with is that one day their will be product we put on every morning that will really get rid of wrinkles and pores until we wash it off later that night. The fact that this technology exist now means that we are not far from achieving an amazing product that will allow no wrinkles, protection from the sun and full coverage. I’m still stoked about this product and I used it on my mother when she was in town and I loved it on her. She did end up going chalky but the thought was there and the product worked until she looked like her skins peeling off.

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