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6 Tips From a Photographer

How To Make The Most Of Your Photoshoot Session. Thank you for coming to the party today, I had a great opportunity to work with some very talented people here in Columbus this past week. Caroline Hil…
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2017 Trend for Summer; Long Jackets

Long Kimono, Long Jacket, Long Pull Over, Robe Wear… Whatever you want to call it it doesn’t matter to me because I’m all in on this trend. This is another trend that makes me feel l…
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Subscribe To My Beauty Channel

Beauty Youtube  Channel Hello party goers,thanks for joining the party today. I am close to having 1000 subscribers on my beauty channel on YouTube. I need to get past this number so cool features an…
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Three Simple Steps to a Clean Closet

Hello party goers thanks for coming today and visiting my blog and by default my shop called Today’s post is about cleaning out the closet. If you are a regular to this party y…
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