My Obsession with Silk

OK, I have had this love affair with silk since I was little. My baby blanket was made of silk, if you are reading this and your Mormon or as some know it “Latter Day Saint” you will get this bit. I was obsessed with rubbing my parents Garments and my mom ended up giving me a piece. For saving face I will say it was a blanket. So This obsession started extremely early for me. Want to know what this obsession looks like as an adult? I recently threw out 5 silk shirts because… it was time people and I’m s little embarrassed to say that wasn’t all my silk items in my wardrobe. It literally is a sick obsession.

If you follow me on Instagram you know how much I adore Silk. I have posted countless dresses from black to pink. I am in love with the feminine feel and look if this fabric with any garment. I am going to buy some fabulous pieces for the closet which is being sold on my site. Shop now!

I know my posts are usually short but this week is shorter because I am just going to terrorize your reality and make you want to join me in my fairyland.

Seriously, come party it up and fall in love with silk fashion. Obviously non of these pictures are mine but I own 100% of this fantasy. Enjoy.







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