Lace Jean Shorts From Heidi’s Hidden Closet

Why wear normal jean shorts? I found my first pair of these shorts last year, here they are below. I love lace so when you add them to any piece of clothing I will love it. I always get compliments when I wear these shorts so I had to bring them to the shop. What do you think?

I love the Cochella, Music Festival feel these shorts give. Matched with heels like below or with some casual flip flips these shorts can achieve different looks for different adventures. I recently wore mine with cowboy boots and I’m not gonna lie I was a hit at the cowboy bar we went too. Yeehaw.

I couldn’t help but buy them for the closet want to check more at the shop? I have some girly things I think will brighten up your closet. Click here to shop now.

Here are is Lace Jean shorts you can get at the Hidden Closet. Check out the street-wear section.

Get the look now and click here before its sold out.

Different styles of lace and jean make this trend fun but not redundant.

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