Moving to Orlando Florida

Road Trip!


I have mentioned before here on my blog how I have changed my life. Well I have been a vacation for quite sometime. Ok, coming on two years. I have been moving boxes to place to place and I’m starting to wonder what is in them and is the contents worth the fuss. I started my journey of moving by first moving to a house down the street to now driving a million miles to Florida. I have lived in 4 different houses in two different cities in Utah to living  on and off in Terenure Ireland to now living in three different cities in Florida. That makes 8 houses in 1.5 years. And I still have a couple more moves to go before I find my perfect home.

So back to the main story at hand. I packed my fur fam and my giant of a man Gareth Sheridan, attached the U haul to mighty Lexi and started the move to Florida. We started with our first stop in Cheyenne, Wyoming. This was by the far the prettiest route, their were tons of trees and they were just starting to change color. Yellow, gold leaves would lead us on our fur pack family road trip. I made sure to find a dog park every day and it really got us into a routine. Drive.

Dog park. Sleep. and Repeat.


The yellow trail lead the way to Kansas city and we visited my friend who is pregnant with her first child. Tennessee came next and it was my first mishap in planning. The Hotel I booked was not dog nor horse friendly (great pyrenees joke.) And last min had to get another hotel, thank goodness one more room was left at the one we found and we got back on the road to Georgia.

Savannah has been on my list of places to visit and it did not disappoint. The houses are gorgeous and you could feel the culture blow through the trees and sneak some happiness into your soul. Unfortunately we were moving to Florida when the big hurricane was going to hit. We had a inside joke stating that we are the hurricane. Hurricane Mathew was a huge disappointment and when we rushed to our new house in Florida we snuggled up and waited for the storm to hit. Being from Utah we get pretty heavy rain storms and having a partner from Ireland they get some pretty heavy winds. Let’s just say Florida hurricanes have nothing on normal weather from where we grew up.

So now we are settled into our Florida home and are making sure we teach these pups how to swim while we had our own pool.

Thank you so much for reading my blog, this is my life. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. My life is a life of a traveler, I’m never in the same place for too long but it has changed me and changed my family. My great pyrenees was a sad boy, he was a nervous nelly and usually was quite a loner. Now he never leaves our side unless it’s to poop in a forest. I recently burned myself while making bread and he jumped up to make sure I was ok. I have the best family ever.

Thanks again for  reading and supporting my life, the best compliment to any blogger is sharing a post on any social media or with a friend. I’m not any special nor is my life perfect but this is my outlet. I’m only happy when I’m creating something and this blog has not disappointed. Check out my Shop while your around and hopefully you won’t leave before you get something sent to your door. I’m always added to the shop finding things along my adventure. So always check into party when your looking for something unique.


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