The Wrap Dress.

wrap dress

Wrap dress is great to highlight your waist.

So if you have an older sister you will remember being in junior high or high school and sneaking into their room after they have left the house. Quietly but quickly ravaging through there closet looking for the perfect item to steal. Well my sister had a black, long sleeve wrap dress I would regularly steal. It always fit, it always looked good and most importantly it was always there when I wanted it.

I recently asked her if she still has the gem hidden away a relic of the past and I’m glad to report, you don’t get ride of perfection. I’m super sad I am an adult now and cannot just go steal this piece out of her life forever and deny its existence. So I’ve been on the search for the perfect wrap dress for a while now. Here is the collection I’ve come up with. Comment below and tell what you think!

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