Lingerie Sent to your Door.

It can suck shopping for lingerie, its awkward to go to any store and try to figure out what size you are. Let alone the awk try on with the horrible lighting. Ps know one looks good in this light with that mirror. So  today we are showcasing the “Hidden Closet Bedroom Finds” selected just for you from Heidi’s Hidden Closet featured only here at

I hate going to a dirty place only to pay way too much for some stockings. Your just wanting to buy something nice for the bedroom and you have to look at dildos and boobs everywhere. I hate it! I swear I’m not a prune but it just makes me feel like I need to go take a shower. So with this pet peeve finally ranted, here is the Hidden Closet Bedroom Finds because I know I’m not alone.  I have done the shopping for you. Here at Heidi’s Hidden Closet I give you a blue lace chemise, a gray shorts pajamas one piece, two options in stockings, and a silky girly robe. I have many different sizes although the stockings are a one size and stretch to meet your needs. Say good by to Dr. Johns and shop in the privacy of your own home with lingerie selected for you.

Also, one last note. I am modeling some of these pieces on the website and I hate that I got flack from people for doing so. I know I’m not a size 2 nor am I a Victoria’s Secret model. I have a normal body type. I am not fat nor am I stick thin. Why is it that a thin woman can wear hardly anything and its called fashion when a normal sized woman wears a  lace negligee or a pajama set and its called porn. Get over yourself people and stop being so afraid of bodies. We all have them we all know what they are and theses pictures are not porn. Thanks for letting me rant one last time. Lets celebrate our bodies STOP body shaming  people.

Thanks for spending the time to come read my blog. I hope your are enjoying the shop do not forget to go take look I am adding things on the daily and things sell out fast. I hope to add the spring collection soon but the life of a gypsy life has me working on other things.

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