No Heat Wavy Hair with Rollers

Stop Using Heat to get wavy hair while you sleep.

I know I am from the industry and I get that my basic knowledge of hair care basically is unknown to the average person. I wanted to bring in a big tip for keeping your hair healthy. Using too much heat can really damage your hair, its a no brainer but what is too much heat? I have a simple answer for your, if you are using heat products every day you are using too much heat. Put down the straighter and give your hair a break before it breaks off. I’m sorry if you want to look perfect everyday but there is no excuse for damaged brittle hair. Here is a healthy styling schedule that you should implement. Day one- you wash your hair  and blow dry, you even style it with any heated tool necessary to get the look you are trying to achieve. Day 2- Brush your hair, maybe push up the top and put some oil on your ends. Live with the face that it will be a down graded version of yesterday. Unless you curled it and you woke up with victoria’s secret straight off the run way curls. This can happen. Day 3- Brush your hair and possibly pin back the top because its starting to get greasy. Mind you a dry shampoo spray or even cornstarch to your roots will totally get your through another day. Day 4- Brush it put it in a pony or try a new funky braid you saw on pinterest. Day four is the day I feel the most Rachet but let me tell you ladies my man loves this day. He always compliments me the most when my hair is pulled up and out of face. So Day 4 doesn’t seem so bad. Now if you can make it another day I appalled you but I know most of yo work a 9-5 and have a crush at work and need to look like your put together so Day 5 you can wash it and start all over.

Here is a video below about what you came for… How to get wavy hair with no heat. I hope this helps you on your healthy hair journey like it has for me.

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Thanks for coming to the party today, I really appreciate your support in my blog. There are so many blogs and it means the world you came to mine. I hope you enjoy this old video I made using rollers to curl your hair overnight. Your hair will be glad you don’t use as much heat, so roll on the foam and sleep your way to wavy hair. Let me know if you liked it by commenting and sharing.


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