How to get Rid of Orange Tones

How to tone your own hair at home.

Hello peeps, thanks for joining the party today. I have been a blonde for over a year now and totally was addicted to toning my hair. In my reality it was white blonde but in the real world I was told by everyone it was gray or silver. And now I know they were right. Hello, my name is Heidi Searle and I’m a tonaholic. I can look back at pics of me now and my hair was damaged, frizzy and falling out. People! I went to hair rehab and I was toner free for 6 months. Minus a wash or two with purple shampoo. My hair has changed dramatically. With this warning about toner addictions, openly said aloud in shame, I will now share with you how to tone those unwanted yellow and orange tones out of your hair. Don’t miss my Youtube Video explaining it all as well.

1. Purchase a toner of your choice. I am in love with Kenra 9v rapid toner. Ask your salon friends to hook you up. It’s amazing, if you can’t get a hold of this liquid gold go. If you can’t go to Sally’s and buy 9 or 10 V hair color in the small box. The V is important as it’s the color that will balance out the bad tones. Don’t forget the developer and mix according to the box instructions.

2. Wash your hair throughly and towel dry. If your hair is super orange dry it a little with the blow dryer. Your hair still needs to be wet but if its orange it needs a little extra boost. Do you want me to get more scientific with you? The color molecules will be stronger if there are less H20 blocking the way. You still want some water to make the emulsion process easier.

3. Comb through your hair and put it into small sections. As a stylist I would suggest combing into 4 big sections and then work one big section at a time taking no bigger partings then one inch sections. Make sense? I hope so. Start with where it is orange first and then move around to all sections. When is doubt add more color!

4. Massage, massage, massage the color in and you can take the big part of a comb and carefully comb through it.

5. Leave on for 5 min or how long it says on the toner box.

6. Shampoo, condition and style!

7. Enjoy your orange free life!

Thanks for tuning in today make sure to watch my video here.

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