How to Get Longer, Healthier Hair

5 Steps to getting longer hair.

Thank you for coming the party today. Everyone always asks me how I got my hair this blonde and kept it long. Today I am sharing with you my favorite secrets to get longer hair or keep it long and healthy.

  1. Stop washing your hair everyday! I wash my hair once a week, I have course thick hair so this works for me. Some of you will say you have to wash your hair everyday because your hair is super thin and looks flat if you don’t. I’m sure thats true but thats also why your hair is probably short. Try rinsing it every other day and not shampooing everyday, or buy a dry shampoo. Better yet this leads me to me next step.

  2. Let your hair rest. Style it in a way that you do not use heat or have to wash it. Try a braid that goes into a ponytail or simply braid the bangs or fringe that get oily. You can try wearing a hat or if your diva like me try a wig for some fun. Your hair needs to just BE sometimes.  I find when I put some deep conditioner in and braid it those days I seem to get the most compliments and the next day when I wash it it feels amazing. BEWARE if you have thin hair you might not want to deep condition but use some serum. You don’t want your hair weighted down.

  3. Don’t over dye or over tone. I got way too obsessed with toner last year and it was breaking my hair off. I had to stop my addiction and become toner sober and my hair could not have been happier. I went 6 months without  a single tone and now my hair is thicker and happier then ever. Beware of the purple shampoo, this is just as drying as toning and the addiction is real. Put down the bottle and pick up a deep conditioner.

  4. Braid your hair at night. At night hair tends to tangle so brush it before bed and put it in a bun or braid. This will stop some snarls and let you get on your beauty regime a bit quicker. Stop the tangles before they start.

  5. Now to the most important one! USE SERUM DAILY! I had so many clients that said they couldn’t grow their hair out. I told them to start using an serum at night just on the ends and wallah a year later its the longest I’ve ever seen. Here’s the reasoning… When you wash your hair you wash out all your natural oils making it clean and making it smell amazing. Your hair has an outside layer called the cuticle and when the cuticle gets damaged it leaves holes in itself and when you put on your serum you are filling the holes giving it protection from breaking. Your scalp creates oils and wants your hair to be shiny and healthy so when you wash too much your body will make more oil to counter the lack of oil. This is when the battle of the oil begins with most people. It will take 3-4 weeks washing once or twice a week for your body to realize its over producing oil and calm itself down allowing you to wash less. It takes going through some pain and some oily days but once you do it its worth it. If you need some hairstyle ideas visit my youtube page. Click Here to join that party.

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Kathy Searle
February 7, 2017 at 11:31 pm

Heidi you are awesome!!!

February 8, 2017 at 12:22 am

Thanks momma! Miss you!


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