How to get Big Wavy Hair Over Night.

Today post I wanted to talk about how to get wavy hair but also how it is necessary to find hairstyles that are good for your hair and help you get through a couple more days without washing. I know it sounds gross to not wash your hair. I am only suggesting to a few days longer then what you usually do. Unless your like me and you only wash your hair once a week. This hair style helps me get through those bad hair days looking great and having lots of volume. If you have fine hair do these same instructions but refrain from putting any product in your hair. Doing so will weigh your hair down not giving you volume you are trying to achieve. Here are the steps to getting wavy hair over night.

  1. Brush through your hair getting rid of all the knots and tangles.
  2. Spray your hair with water. I have super thick hair that I put in a leave in conditioner, mousse and a ton of serum.  You don’t want your hair crazy wet because then  it won’t dry over night. Just spray it enough that it is damp and you feel comfortable enough to still braid it. Let me repeat the fine hair warning, just use water if you have fine hair and a small amount of serum to your ends.
  3. Split your hair down the middle into two sections. You can part your hair where your part is or over direct your part to give one side a bit more volume. I would suggest to try different parts overtime, find what works best for you. In the video below I part down the middle.
  4. Braid your hair in section one and then in section two. It doesn’t matter if the braid is perfect, you will be able to improve the braiding over time. My first braids were pitiful, its ok.
  5. Sleep your normal 6-8 hours.
  6. Wake up and take your braids out, run your hands through it till you get volume. Mind you the more your brush through the bigger it will get but you come to a point where you will start making it more fuzzy then curly. Play with it but don’t go crazy.
  7. If you didn’t get that much wave, spray it with hairspray and scrunch it. I sometimes pin the scrunch up and leave it while I do my make up. I also tend to not always have the front look perfect so like in the video I pin it to the side, out of my face.
  8. And there ya go your are ready for the day and have big wavy hair.

One small tip as well. I always feel like this hairstyle looks best the second night I do it. So don’t give up and you know what works best for your hair so adjust these directions accordingly.

Thanks for your coming to the party today, I’d love to know how this worked for you! Please comment below.




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