How to Color Your Hair at Home

I know you have wanted to tried to dye your hair at home.

So here is how.

Hello party goers, this is a first for me I am showing you all on my YouTube Channel how to do an all over color at home. I’ve always been against this which is why I’ve never shown how too. But I realized what a hypocrite I am because I do my own hair at home all the time.

1. Brush your hair out and get all the snarls and tangles out. Make sure your hair is not too dirty but this doesn’t necessarily mean your hair has to be crazy clean.

2.Part our hair into 4 sections. First parting being down the middle of your hair, then from ear to ear. Pin each of the four sections back so you can work with one section at a time.

3. Take one section at a time parting off a little less then an inch parting and brush on the color from root to tip. For extra measure use your hand and fingers to blend into the hair, for extra insurance take a large comb that gently brush through your hair starting at the ends and working your way up.

4. Repeat for the rest of the section.

5. Repeat to every section. 6. use your fingers, palm and hands to blend, blend, blend.

I do want to shout to two very special hair stylist in Utah, they both have done my hair and I loved it every time. Megan Walker and Mikell Jensen click their name for a link to their facebooks. If you’re in Utah go visit one of these special ladies! If not watch my video and let me know how it goes and what the end result turned out to be. The hard part is figuring out what color needs to be used with your hair to get the desired result.

Message me if your nervous or have questions I’ll help you anyway I can.

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