Three Simple Steps to a Clean Closet

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Today’s post is about cleaning out the closet. If you are a regular to this party you know that I have been traveling a ton and moving house a ton. I’ve moved house 7 times in the last 3 years. The Gypsy life is real. I’ve gotten some rules  or tips that I have learned and I want to share them today. Here are some rules to how to declutter your closet.

1. Check and see if there are any holes or stains. Is the piece worn and seen a better day? Let it go throw it in the bin. You don’t want to be seen in a raggy worn cinder suit dress. You want to be the Cinderella of the ball when you see people you know at Costco, ditch the rags Cinder toots and let’s move on to a nice clean up to date wardrobe that has you ready for anything life throws at you.

2. 6 month no wear rule; when was the last time you wore it? Do you even attempt to put it on? Anything that you were saving for a party that has never happened put it in a donate pile. If you have some items that are maybes and your not sure or ready to get rid of put them in the front of your closet and give yourself a week. If you can’t find a reason or a way to wear it within one week then give it to charity. Let someone else love and wear the crap out of it and open your closet up for newer items that you will wear and will love more.

3. Be strict with yourself and let go. We evolve and grow and are not the same person as of 10 years ago so the fact that you have clothes from high school doesn’t make you cool. It makes you dated. Yes, clothes come back into fashion but here is the kicker small details change with the times. That marroon velor velvet pant suit you wore in 1999 will come back into fashion but it won’t have a hood, zipper or pockets. It’s the same concept but worn totally different with different details. Let go of the  past and let the new and always evolving self be seen from the outside as well as the inside.

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