How to do a Braided Halo or Milk Braid

Have you always wanted to know how to do a Milk Braid? Well here is a video below that shows you how. Keep in mind it takes practice to get it perfect so don’t give up!


It’s short and sweet today, I have moved states and too busy moving house. I swear f I love through this move I can live through anything. This will be my second time moving states, 4 time moving house this year. I am telling you I might not live to tell the tale.

Anyway, here is an old video I made showing how to do a braided halo or milk braid. This braid looks harder then it is, have a low expectation and move slowly and I think you’ll be happy with the result. This braid looks best when its messy so just keep going. When you have competed full circle secure the end and hide is somewhere in the braid. Take an extra few minutes and pull out some of the hair along your hairline. This will make the braid look bigger AND hide any imperfections you had while braiding.

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