Paris France Trip

Paris France

I had the amazing opportunity to go visit Paris, France. I went with the best companion that really put up with me. I had hurt my foot two days before at a soccer game. That first day of travel was hard, I was tired my foot hurt and to add insult to injury I was having the worst of all bad hair days.  And any women knows if your hair doesn’t look good, you don’t feel good; so that was start of my trip to the most romantic pace on earth.

Don’t worry the trip got turned around because not only am I with the most handsome man but I am in a place I never even thought I would see. It was pretty epic. As you will see in the pics I’m about to post. As you know I hula hoop so I’ll throw a couple good pics of that too. The food was great and expensive; I would of much                                                                             rather had a little more on my plate but when in Rome, I mean Paris you really can’t complain.

The Eiffel tower was really exciting. I didn’t know what to expect but it was amazing. We couldn’t go to the top because I am a legit Hooper and they wouldn’t allow me on the lift with it. So we missed out. We also missed seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up because we were to busy chatting away in the hotel room. (We missed it by an hour, closes at 2 pm if anyone is interested.) How you can be dating someone for a year and still time flies so fast talking about nothing and makes you miss important things. Oh well he is worth it. I’ll use the lights as an excuse to go back.

We were told many times that its not as nice as what you think ad because of this my expectations were really low. I think its an epic trip and I hope to go back again this year.

I’m back to Ireland for another couple weeks.  Then back home to Salt Lake  City Utah. See ya all on the flip side.


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