HarleQuin Antique Shop Dublin Ireland

As I have stated in previous posts I am in Ireland. And Yesterday was an amazing day. We woke up early dropped the Mums of to work, showed up to the gym and wrecked some havoc on my biceps and chest. Which by the way is making it difficult to type this blog. #swoll #can’ttype

Anyway, we made our way to downtown Dublin and stopped at jewelers to get some watches fitted. And here starts the adventure. We made it to Templar Bar and enjoyed a pint of the dark stuff. Which I can only have in Ireland now, I know pretty spoiled, Mothers milk to me now. Well, we then spent 3 hours not even realizing that most of our day is being spent and a bar. I guess that what happens when your with your best friend time flies eh?

We started for Grafton street and came on to many types of entertainment. An amazing band, a single girl duo and a lady dressed up in retro attire acting like she is robot.

We got fish and chips at this restaurant after visit the spike. And on our way home we came across this cute antique shop. Now if you know me you know these shops make me super happy. I giggle and ah over these historic pieces. I love them. I spotted some amazing finds. Make sure to go check out this cute store if your ever near by. Just off Grafton street on CastleMarket Street in Dublin. Above are pictures docuenteing a great day with a great guy. And below are more photos of the vintage shoppe found, HarleQuin.

For more pics of my trip visit my instagram @heidimaesearle, you can also follow the shop to stay up to date on what is selling before it sells out. Check out the links in your top left corner, click to here to shop now.

Thanks again for coming to today seems more like a journal entry then a blog post for a women’s clothing shop. Oh well, I hope this site comes off authentic and transparent. Leave me comment with what you think.







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