Grand Lash Enhancer Product Review

Longer, Thicker Lash Enhancer Product Review

Ok people I know what every girl wants. Perfectly curled, long thick lashes. I’ll admit I gave into the craze and tried eyelash extensions and guess what I loved them! And I love my eye lash lady in Utah! Shout out if you want her number and your in Utah. But I have a problem, I’m NOT in Utah anymore. I’m in Florida where everything will cost you an arm and a leg and possibly your first born child. So with that being said I wanted to try the Lash Boost of Roden and Fields. The pics on Facebook looked  look amazing but I cannot afford it over $150 bucks to try? Can’t chance that amount of cash.

So, I got the next best thing.  I visited my local salon professionals only, Salon Centric. And they said this grand lash is amazing. Well I used the product for 2 months. Every morning and night   drum roll please! It’s not for me, I do not see one change over the 5 weeks. I actually had some eye lash extensions still on when I started this lash boost and so my before pic actually looks better then my after. So let me say don’t waste your time with the cheap $30 lash boost from Grand Lash. Save it for a tip for your favorite lash lady and have lashes that look amazing all the time.

Here is the pic of my before and after. 

Thanks for joining me at the party today! I hope this post is helpful in saving you money and time.

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Karen Drinkard
March 1, 2017 at 4:19 pm

Hi Heidi!! It’s Karen ….. and just a heads up that our Rodan+Fields Lash Boost is only $135 for Preferred Customers which comes with FREE shipping!! I wish I could post some before and afters here to share with your peeps because it’s FABU-LASH!!! 🙂 Our Lash Boost will last for months and it’s truly 4 weeks to WOW! and 8 weeks to WHOA!! There’s a 60-day $$ back guarantee, too!! I’ll be glad to answer questions. Here’s my contact info:

March 1, 2017 at 10:54 pm

Yes! So glad you commented plus someone as already used your link! Yay!


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