FitTeam Fit Sticks Review

Hello Party goers, Beinvenue. Today’s post is sponsored by Sabrina Hull she is representing Fit team. Here us her contact info. I love to support other women in their ventures and I hope you will too.

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A few key things about Fitteam

The company is called FITTEAM, they launched Jan 2015

The FITSTICKS are a sustained energy and fat loss beverage that is USDA certified organic, Non-GMO, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free and vegan friendly.

It is in a powder form that you simply add to water twice a day. Each packet is individually wrapped for your convenience. FITTEAM FIT has zero calories, is naturally sweetened and tastes great! Lose 3-10 lbs in your 1st 5 days!

No Pills, No Shakes, No Patches, No Wraps, and you can eat Real food 5 times per day. You have nothing to lose but weight and gain all of these great benefits.

◾Sustained Energy
◾Enhanced Fat Loss
◾Enhanced Mental Focus
◾Antioxidant Benefits
◾Mood Enhancement
◾Appetite Control
◾Blood Glucose Control
◾Boosts Metabolism

There is also have a 90 day money back guarantee on your first order!!!

Here is the video I made of reviewing the product so go shop a product that will help you drink your water and give you many other benefits.

P.S. Please enjoy this party favor, my video of the product review.

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