Farm in Florida; Airbnb Review at Dolittle Farm

Dolittle Farm Review; Our Stay on a Farm in Florida

Deltona, Florida

Review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks for coming to the party today and checking in. Today’s post is a review about our AirBnB stay at Dolittle Farm.

We came to stay at Dolittle farm because I have a love of horses. My grandpa had a ranch and their will always be a special place my heart when it come to a ranch life, the smell, the atmosphere and the beautiful horses. So when we found this place to stay I was estatic.

It’s super cozy and warm. The house was one bed, one bath, open concept kitchen living. At night it’s  extremely quite and during the day the dogs loved roaming free. The pooches met a donkey, two goats and three horses. Since this was the first time my pooches have been around such animals their first meeting went a bit rough. Finley got a quick kick from  one of the horses and learned the big  lesson that horses don’t say Hi like dogs do. He stayed a bit away from them from then on. Now that we are back to suburbia life I know Finley misses the goats maybe as much as Gareth (my partner, man friend, lover and roomie.)

I gave only three stars because the wifi is absolutely horrible! I could never work and we wouldn’t get phone calls. I was excited to take pictures and do photo shoots but not having wifi took the wind right out of my sails.

They also had a hot tub that was a big feature in the AirBnB add and I’m not really sure if I just came from a freakin cold environment livin in Utah or I’m pretty sure the tub was broken. It was not hot at all, luke warm at best.

It also seemed from the add on Airbnb that we could ride the horses but I never felt comfortable asking.

For these reasons I do not give it a 5 star review.

I am super glad to be back in suburbia with amazing wifi and a grocery just walking distance.

I would however suggest this place if you are wanted a relaxing weekend in nature.

Plus how can you not love looking out the window and see a horse trotting by followed by his goat companions.

Thanks for joining in on the fun! I appreciate your support in reading this post.


Heidi Mae Searle Anything Girly

Has a parting gift here are some of my favorite photos from our stay there.



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