Easy Hairstyle Using a Headband

Super Easy Up Do

Hairstyle for Every Women on the Go.

Thanks for joining the party today, I wanted to give another easy, up do, hairstyle option to get through one more day without washing. I’ve been posting my old videos I made years ago, sorry for the amateurism of the video as well as the fact I don’t look anything like this anymore. Here are the steps that are in the video.

  1. Have dirty hair, clean hair won’t stay has easy, its so soft. This style is suppose to help you get through one day with out washing and it stays in place better with dirty hair. So stop thinking I’m gross and just do it. You will be thank me later when you have gone all day and night without touching up your hair. Now, puff up the back of your hair to add volume.

  2. Place the head band on your head like a crown.

  3. Wrap sections of your hair around the head band.

  4. Secure the hair in place with bobby pins.

  5. Enjoy an easy up do that can get you one more day without washing.

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