Downtown Columbus Ohio PhotoShoot

The Hidden Gem of USA, Columbus Ohio

I have been meeting some talented people and this photoshoot has so many of them  in it. I worked with an amazing photographer Rebecca Cook with EvoPhotography her email is, she books way in advance and I was so lucky to have had her donate her talents and time. Go follow her on Instagram @envphotography you will fall in love with all her pictures and it doesn’t help that she has an amazing personality to go with it. She is extremely professional and she is great at directing the models. She makes everyone feel comfortable which in my opinion gets you the best shots. If you need a photographer in Columbus message her you will cherish your photos.  I am in love with these and this is by far my favorite shoot to date and I’m not even in them!

Emily Warren was the make up Artist and she did such an amazing job. To see the process and the many layers it took to get the perfect smoky eye was unreal. If you need someone for a special occasion or just looking to learn from a pro contact this lovely lady. DM her for questions and to book an app with her, she is on Instagram @emily_a_mua. And you should know I’m a harsh critic when it comes to make up, there are so many people out there including myself that say they can do make up. I am happy to say that Emily gets my stamp of approval because she put out all the stops, she goes all glam out and she blends, blends and blends. She will rock your soul with what she can do, go follow her Instagram to get up to date on what looks she does next.

The beautiful models did such a great job and the weird thing is we booked them separately and somehow they all knew each other already. Super funny but these girls made the shoot extremely fun and I really enjoyed getting to know them and having these photos be memories including getting lost downtown. Ok, I was only one getting lost, I had only been in Ohio  week so can blame me. Go follow these lovely models on Instagram. And if you reading this and wanting to hire them for a shoot please do, they photograph beautifully and are great to work with.

Lydia Weyrich @lydiaweyrich

Hannah Gillotte @hannah_Gillitte

Halle Campbell @hallecampell


Columbus is a hidden gem, I didn’t know much about Ohio and I didn’t have much time to prepare, but it doesn’t disappoint. It’s green and has a European touch thats hard to miss. Columbus is not usually on anyone’s bucket list but it’s worth coming and seeing for a weekend. I could have crazy rose colored glasses on though so keep that in mind, I did just spend 6 months in Orlando, Florida.

This shoot was so much fun, these women are amazing and I’m so glad we met. Please check out their websites and follow them on any or all social media platforms. And if you are looking to hire any of these women will get the job done and you will love the process and the results. I was sad when the shoot was over it felt like Summer Camp has ended. What a great feeling to have when you just moved to a new city.

To all that participated in the shoot, Thank you for lending your talents and spending your time with me. I have gotten such a great welcome to  Ohio. (And this is still my favorite photo shoot to date.) So thank you again and I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Thank you for coming to blog today, there is so much content on the internet today and I am grateful you came and spent some time with me. If you like what you see and want  to stay connected, join me at the party on my FB Page, I do a Live Chat Party Wednesday nights at 9 pm Eastern. Click here to RSVP and Follow.

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