A Product to Help your Dog with Anxiety

Dog Anxiety, PetRelief Spray Product Review

My dog has Anxiety.

I spoil my dogs and always have and since I’ve been traveling the world with my man they have had to visit new homes and new people. Some experiences have been great some were more then a disappointment. Those stories will defiantly be a different post about using the app Rover. Today is about finding them relief from their anxiety now.

My big boy is super friendly and protective and since we moved to florida that hasn’t changed. He actually loves florida and acts more like a happy puppy then he ever has. Now his little sister is a little monster and to be honest she has a right to be. We were at a dog park and she got beat up by a pitt bull and that wasn’t the last time she has seen the jaws of a not so friendly dog. She has been through the ringer and is now super nervous around other dogs. She barks like crazy. I’ve been trying to train her differently, trying to sooth her when I know she is having high anxiety. This seems to work 50% of the time so I ventured out to find something that could help.

I met a wonderful girl in Ireland that is a Veterinarian  and she referred me to this brand PetRelief. I was super surprised to find they are a USA Company and make the product in the U.S. The price of the product was  little much it was 24.99 with prime shipping. (I bought it off amazon.) Like I said I spoil my pooches so I bought the liquid gold that would save my diva from the PTSD nightmare we were living.

This stuff is exactly what I stated before it is liquid gold. I spray it on my hand and put it on her belly or paws. And it helps immensely with her barking. I even put it on big brother and the Sheridan-Searle household was quite a calm place. I am a happy customer.

I’m a huge fan of this spray and will definitely try other products.  If your questioning to buy it just go for it. I’m on my second bottle of the liquid gold and I think its a  life changer to make sure your puppies are healthy and happy.

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P.S. Here are a couple pics of my fur babies. Enjoy.





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