DIY Dry Shampoo

How to make your own Dry shampoo.

Welcome to the party today folks, I’ve been talking to some of you on Facebook about how to get through the week without washing your hair so much. I’ve suggest using dry shampoo, my favorite brand of aerosol dry shampoo is by Matrix. Get it off amazon for $34.00 macAroons, here is a link or you can make your own…

Cornstarch is your new best friend, if you are blonde you can take a make up powder brush and put it straight on your roots in the oil-est places. The darker your hair the more Cocoa powder you will use. You can add a couple drops of an essential oil to combat the chocolate smell from the cocoa. I prefer to smell like chocolate so I don’t usually add any. Mix up your oil fighting ingredients, put it in a cute container, grab a make up brush and put this magic powder on your roots to counteract all that oil. Try it and see if it can get you through one more day without washing your hair.

One Hair Parting tip is you can put this on at night so it has more time to dissolve the oil and then you can add a second layer if needed. I have been working out daily and doing 40 min on the stair stepper which means I look worse then a wet dog left out on the street. This DYI Hair hack keeps me in check.

Thank for tuning into the party today, watch the video below if your more of a visual learner. I am so hence why I made the video.

Comment below to let me know how it goes.

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