Chunky Sweater Must Have In Dublin Ireland

Sweater Weather in the Green Isle

As you know I am in Dublin and the weather is unpredictable. One moment its a perfect lucky Irish day, the sun is out and you can feel the little bit of warmth that comes from it and it soothes your soul. And then you turn around and you freezing your badonka off and your in the midst of a storm straight from sleepy hallow. So, enter in the layering wonders of a chunky sweater. This is the only way to live in or get through a day in Ireland, layering is the best kept secret.Ok, its not much of a secret but I am in love and totally obsessed with these chunky sweaters.

What do you think? Make sure to check out the sweater sold at the closet, Its a cowls neck with soft knit. Shown here below, its a soft fabric knit that can really be dressed up with some heels or dressed down with some PJ’s. Shop now.

I love how many ways you can wear a sweater, wear as a cover up with jeans. Buy a longer Sweater for a Sweater dress with tights with leggings. My newest obsession is wearing a sweater with silk, the sexiness of the silk with the comfy-ness of the sweater is a deal made in heaven and stamped with approval from the gods. Dress up your sweater with boots and heels, or dress down your look with adidas or runners.

I know I’m not a fashion major nor am I a trend setter. I like what I like and I’m looking for my tribe that agrees with me.

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Thanks for coming to the party today I appreciate you taking the time to my blog. I love doing this and being creative and I hope it shows through with this website.

Don’t forget to check out my store because that mainly the reason why I blog. I am adding things all the time and I am excited for the changes ahead. I’ll keep you posted as the adventure unfolds.








P.s. I do not own any go the pics on this post, these is all from an adventure on google.

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