Castle Durrow, Ireland.

My trip to Castle Durrow Ireland.

Todays post is about Castle Durrow. It’s a beautiful early 18th century restored castle in  Castle Durrow Demesne, Castleview, Durrow, Co. Laois, Ireland.

I am dating an Irishmen and he takes me to beautiful places. For his birthday we decided to go see more of Ireland and his mother suggested Castle Durrow, so we made the trek to the country.

We got one of the cheaper rooms because we dine on a budget and I was not disappointed. We stayed on the top floor in a room that had chinese wallpaper. The room was perfect, great size with amazing furniture. This part of the house was the oldest part of the house and the owner Shelly Bruna Stokes stated that these rooms were decorated this way because the butler of the house would go to cork to wait for the ships that would bring goodies from Asia. Silk, spices and beautifully carved furniture.


The bathroom was larger then I expected and it had a bath tub. I love taking baths so I was very pleased and I think Gareth as well, champs in the tub for the birthday boy. The bed was large enough for my giant man and I, we were more then comfortable.   However, I can now I say I wish we would of splurged and got one of the Master rooms. These would of been  the Lady and Lord of the house bedrooms. Shelly stated they were decorated to reflect the time period. And the pictures really made me wish I splurged. I’m obsessed with the time period furniture click here to see more. Really every room looks awesome and I was not disappointed in my room but next time the master bedrooms will be where I stay. Now back to my experience…

Dinner was Five stars, I can honestly say the food was amazing! To date it is the best meal I have had in Ireland. Gareth agrees and just stated he is salivating just thinking about his duck dish he had. The atmosphere is gorgeous. After dinner we walked around the grounds and I commented that you can see the weddings happening and that I felt like we were at a reception. He stated this is too small for our wedding. My jaw fell open and I think I might have lost my breath. And first let me tell you that he hasn’t proposed so literally I’m taking off guard. And then he has the nerve to state the place is too small? He needs to get off his high horse if he thinks he is having a bigger wedding then what can be accommodated at Castle Durrow. I was abashed on many levels and possible a bit scared that something was thought about and then even said aloud. Anyway.

Amazing night we went to bed and splurged on breakfast we got breakfast in bed which you can see pictures. It was  proper Irish breakfast and we were both happy as clams. Birthday boy loves not leaving his bed and getting the awesome spread laid before I’m while watching Dr. Phil.

I think Gareth enjoyed his birthday but who cares if he did or didn’t.  I certainly enjoyed his birthday and will go back to Castle Durrow when I can.

For a detailed history of the Castle click here.

Youtube Video!

Here is a video I made of me showing off my HulaHoop skills in the court yard. Click here for the video.

For more information or making a reservation visit their website at or here is their  contact info.

Tel: +353 57 8736555

Fax: +353 57 8736559


Thanks for joining the party today and taking time out of your day to pay a visit. Please comment and share to let me know what you like. Go follow me on Instagram and get flooded with Dog photos. @heidimaesearle

And thank you Shelly for taking the time and money to restore history and give the world such a beautiful place to spend a birthday.



P.S. Castle Durrow made 6th on the 25 places to stay on the Tripadvisor website. Totally agree with them. What an amazing place. Click here for the list.

All these pictures are from our stay, some are edited and some were to beautiful they didn’t need it. Enjoy.

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