Classic Vintage Pieces added to Modern Fashion

Classic Style that last through the decades

I was definitely born in the wrong era, my new obsession is old vintage  fashion. Can we go back to fancy robes and wearing gloves on the daily? My new goal for life is to start adding antique Pieces to my wardrobe as well as Will someone start producing this fur robe please? It screams Diva with a splash of happy and I need it to start strutting my stuff around the house while I should be working.

I want to bring one of a kind hidden gems to this shop that will excite and rejuvenate any wardrobe. You can’t know where your going if you don’t know where you’ve been and anytime you mix vintage antique pieces with new modern items will set your look apart. The past is a blessing and should be worn and admired, let’s start making fashion an experience again and give these gems more life.

Video below is how to do Pin curls, let’s finish the look and live in a fantasy from the past. This look is best with dirty hair. Brush and comb through while added a sprits of water and some product with staying power. In the video I use hairspray but you know your hair best, use what you like and what will help keep the curl without going frizzy or hard. Gel or mouse are some other options.

Let me know if this look worked out for you! This is a great way to style your hair to get through another day without wishing and your not using any heat . Its a win win for your hair. give it try, might take you a couple times to figure out ut to ge your hair to look perfect and straight out of a some like it hot movie set. If you haven’t seen this movie you will de. Super hilarious and Marilyn in it so I had ti reference it.

Make sure to check out the shop, I am always adding new girly items, get them while they last. Click here to shop now!

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