6 Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

Hello party goers, I’m taking a break from writing today to share with you my friends post. She is a Ohio Native and I love her blog. She writes on a subject that as a society we don’t want talk about; in a time we need it the most. We portray our lives as being perfect on social media and we may hide our insecurities from the people closest to us. What a better way to be real and perfectly flawed then talk about what people want to keep hidden. Everyone has anxiety but we don’t talk about how to deal or cope with it. Here is the lovely Lauren McPherson’s post from her blog Blush to Sweaters she writes about  how to work through your anxiety.

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Don’ leave the party just yet, let me know you came to my blog and comment leaving what you do to relieve stress and anxiety! Mine is listening to some guided imagery by Bella Ruth Naperstack. Here she is below.

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