Replace your Energy Drink with a Patch

Hello Party Goers, thanks for checking in today. I appreciate that you took the time to visit my blog. The internet in saturated with great blogs and post and with that being said THANK YOU for coming to mine. In the past I have talked about Nutriband’s Patches, the Vitamin Patch that will stop you from swallowing a horse pill and a Slim Patch that can help boost metabolism and curve your cravings. Todays post is about Nutriband’s Energy Patch and why you should put down your energy drink and slap on a patch instead.

    1. No more chugging down Energy Drinks. Transdermal technology (through the skin) is how the patch works so say goodbye to forcing down a drink just to get a little boost to your day. By using the patch you are giving your digestive track a break. Just Peel, Patch and let your body do the rest.

    2. Zero Calories, by the using the Energy Patch you are not adding any numbers to your calorie count. Your getting a boost of energy that won’t cost you a thing. An energy drink averages 220 calories not to mention you’re making your stomach do extra work as well as making yourself bloated.

    3. Bare Ingredients, because a patch does not need any fillers, binders, artificial colorings or flavorings you are getting exactly what your body needs to help give energy. Energy drinks are filled with many ingredients that are not good for your body. Consuming high volumes of Vitamin B, Taurine and Ginsing can be harmful for your heart. That’s not including the articifial sweeters that in one can of an energy drink which is an equivalent to 12 cans of a soda. And you’ve seen the video of how much sugar is in one soda. Overdosing on caffine and some of these other ingredients  can be harmful. Be nice to your body and give it only the bare essenitial ingredients it needs.

    4. Slow even release, a patch is using transdermal technology and therefore your body absorbs what it needs when it needs it and is using you own body to regulate itself.  Your body will not over dose on any of the ingredients. A energy drink is also going to give you a quick boost of energy that last a couple hours and then you will feel the bottom out effect. With the Energy patch there is no high which means there is no low and the energy last 6 hours. This means 6 hours of even energy, no jittery hands and no naps two hours later.

    5. Cost effective, while on average you are spending over $3.20 per energy drink that last 2 hours. With a patch your are paying $2.00 for every patch and the patch will last your 6 hours on average. 

    6. You’re in charge, because with an energy drink you have to commit to letting your digestive system process through leaving you jittery and on a low. With a patch you are absorbing it through the blood stream. Which means no waisted ingredients and your body is taking what it needs when it needs it. No commitment with the patch just peel it off and throw it away. You are in control of what goes in your body.

Nutriband is growing fast but its transdermal technology has been around for forever. I know I have converted you from energy drinks. So go buy a box now and see for yourself you’ll feel better and have more energy then ever before. Use my PROMO CODE heidi15 and get 15% off. Shop now at

Thanks again for tuning in today, sorry for the sales pitch but these patches are the best and I use one everyday! If you have any questions please comment below and don’t forget to RSVP to the party by subscribing. Oh and don’t forget to shop at my store because the really the main reason I blog. Message me with questions using the “send us a message” button my the site.


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Ps. Here is a video I made talking about the energy patch. Enjoy. Oh and don’t forget to go subscribe on Youtube.

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