5 secrets that Make Moving Easier

I have turned into quite a Gypsy traveler, I have moved house 7 times in 3 years and lived in 6 different cities in the U.S.A. I can now give some tips on how to not lose your mind when you are moving. So here is the list I came up with…

  1. Declutter, especially clothes. I hauled way to many outfits to florida and it finally hit me. I’ll never wear half of them, hence why I just barely posted about how to clean out your closet. Click here for that post. Your style changes and I am no longer a hippie running around in a field with feathers in my hair. I feel refreshed after having let go of the past and making room for a simpler life. I have also decluttered the whole house. Download the apps “Offerup” and “LetGo”, I have currently made about 500 bucks just getting rid of things that I no longer want or never used. And I don’t miss anything I got rid of and I know I will be happy to not have to move them again. I see at least 2 more moves in the near future so less is more at this point.

  2. Organize boxes, I tend to put decorations in certain boxes and then I go by room. Do what works for you but you need to know what boxes have what and which ones are important. I recently had things in storage and I was so happy that I put the important box with important papers right in the front. I had what I needed when I needed it without any fuss. Labeling is key. 

  3. Plastic bins, boxes, plastic bags. Buy plastic bins for items that need to be stored when you get to your new place. The Christmas bin or once a year decorations or a bin for winter clothes are perfect examples for a proper bin. I use Plastic bags for blankets, towels and pillows. They fit perfect smashed at the top of the U haul. Bunch up your clothes that hang in the closet by tapeing the hangers together and taking a big plastic bag and tie the bag together around the hook of the hanger, enclosing all the clothes in the bag. This is super easy to then hang straight back into the new closet and the bag keeps everything clean and fresh. For clothes in drawers I get out my travel bags and tightly put all of them in there. Easy to roll right into your new home. I also use tea towels and rags to wrap up my glassware and check out you  local liquor store for boxes they get for wine, these are perfect for your antique wine glasses. 

  4. Plan as much as you can. Look at at your options of travel, places to stay, food to eat, dog parks to visit. Prep the car with a oil change etc, budget the move and schedule the Uhaul. Unless you flying then none of this prep works but after you have planned everything you can write it all down in your pretty book and then forget about it. Whatever happens, happens and you will stress yourself out if you try to make reality go by your day planner. Care less about the details and more about the home you are trying to create and the people in it. Their is no point making it harder and more stressful, take a big deep breath when something goes wrong and laugh. Worst comes to worst blame it on Florida, that’s what I do.

  5. How to pack a Uhaul, My father made it very clear on how to pack one safety for a long drive. The heaviest items go over the wheels and the lightest items are in the back. If you are good at Tetris then you will be great at packing a Uhaul. I am the Supreme packer in my household and real life Tetris is a piece of cake for me.

I hope this was helpful for anyone planning on moving house soon. I’d love to hear your tips you have learned, comment below. RSVP to the  blog by subscribing and let me know you  like what you read by sharing on Facebook.

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Karen Drinkard
March 15, 2017 at 8:24 pm

Great blog post, Heidi!! I’m sharing and passing along your helpful info! karen

March 15, 2017 at 9:24 pm

You’re the best and we are almost to Ohio!


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