5 Reasons Why Vitamin Patches are Better then Pills

Vitamin Patch Vs Vitamin Pill

Nutriband believes in assisting customers in their healthy journey. They make products that are healthier for your body giving customers an alternative to pills. Here are five reasons you should commit to a patch and ditch the pills.

  1. No more daily horse pills, say goodbye to the dreaded giant pill with your morning coffee. You can now Peel, Patch and go about your day being active and feeling assured you’re getting the nutrients your body needs.
  2. Give your Stomach a break, by using the patch you are helping your stomach do more important things like digesting the food you need to survive.
  3. Bare essential ingredients,say goodbye to the filler/binder keeping the pill together. You are getting the essential nutrients your body needs and wants. Who knows if if that ill is even getting digested which leaves us to the next point.
  4. Steady release of nutrients, your body will regulate itself and take what it needs when it needs it. Giving you a 6 hour absorption period with the patch. With pills you digest the pill and nutrients and will use what it needs and discard the rest.
  5. Control in what your body consumes, when you want to remove the patch and stop the absorption, simply remove the patch and go about your activities. With a pill you don’t know if you are digesting the ingredients or if the pill is sitting in your stomach waiting. With Nutribands Vitamin Patch you know the patch is working because the Nutriband name will disappear on the patch. You are now in control and have an assurance of what your body is consuming.

Nutriband is currently sold online at go shop now. Keep an eye out for Nutribad products in a local store near you.

Thanks for joining in on the party! I hope you enjoy this post about a better way to get the nutrients your body needs. Have questions? Comment Below!


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