5 Reasons Why You Should Hula Hoop

Hello! Welcome to I’m bringing one of my hobbies to the party today and I challenge you to either give this a try or to simply try something new that will get you active. I started hula hooping a couple years ago and fell in love with it. I was surfing on the web one night and came across a video of a girl hooping and it looked like she was Air Bending. Yes, I said Air Bending. Ya know from Avatar? Well she blew my mind and so I bought my first hoop and the addiction began. Here are 5 reasons I think you should give hooping a try.

1. Good for the waistline. You can actually hoop for exercise, it really gets your blood going and your hips moving. A good hoop for beginners is a larger hoop that is weighted to be slightly heavier than a normal hoop. Get inside the hoop holding it with both hands and practice swaying back and fourth, turn the hoop into the direction you feel comfortable  with and remember the hoop will stay above whatever body part moves the most. Hula hooping is a great way to get moving  and guess what it makes exercising fun!

2. My love for music came to life. I’m able to listen to music and move to the beat while hooping which then gets me into a flow and I’m lost in a world of circles. Put your favorite Album on and release your inhibitions and see where the music will take you. If you are anything like me an hour will fly before you know it and the addiction will take hold of you.

3. Makes you proud, some moves are easy some are more difficult and take time. I love that it’s an activity that pushes me while still being in reach. When I finally master a move it’s the best feeling. My next hurdle to accomplish is leg hooping, a.k.a. hooping around your knees. It’s so cool but very difficult, I’ll get it this year.

4. Gets you outside. There is nothing better than good weather, good music and me hooping. I will get the dogs and put a lead into the ground and hoop until my body gets tired. This is my favorite pastime!

5. Get you out of your comfort zone. For the longest time I hooped in the shadows because I was too afraid to do it in front of anyone cuz I wasn’t any good. It really got me out of comfort zone and I started hooping where lots of people were. The Eiffel Tower, The Cliffs of Moher or just a simple park. I was carrying a hoop with me everywhere and getting looks and little comments all the time. This really helped me stop caring what people think and actually helped me talk to people. If they had the balls to comment about a child’s toy carried by a grown women I can believe in myself for 5 minutes and hoop in front of strangers.

So these are my five reasons you should go buy one today. And if you are really interested in doing so start with a bigger hoop, the bigger hoop the slower it will go which will allow you to learn the basic moves and get your flow a bit easier.

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Thank you for coming to my party today I know time is precious and blogs are all over the place to thank you for coming! Let me know who you are by commenting or sharing!

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