4 Secrets to Buying Clothes Online

How to make sure you are Buying Quality Clothes Online.

We live in a time where we do a lot or even all of our shopping online, it’s convenient. You can do it on your free time from anywhere and you get it sent to your door. It’s like christmas in your mailbox any day of the year and who doesn’t want that? I have had my online clothing store for almost a year and most of the time I am buying wholesale clothes online making the gamble for you. I have learned so much about shopping online and wanted to share those secrets with you today. Lord knows I have given away many pieces or just thrown them into the bin because I took the gamble and lost.  The quality of the item was not even worth a second thought nor tarnishing my reputation. Now, I don’t waist my time and I go through these tips so I don’t ever make a regretful purchase again and I keep good quality and affordable prices for my customers. I have not been focusing so much on my store the last 6 months because I’m working on finding my tribe of ladies. What is the point of having beautiful items if their is no one to buy them? I hope to bring you a wonderful fall collection this year so please stay tuned for that but here is what I have learned buying clothes online.

  1. The secret is in the details, is the picture of the item on a person or is it just laying or on a hanger? It’s hard to judge something you can’t see on someone. You can’t judge how tall the person is and see where the neckline falls. Where the fabric tugs or doesn’t tug. So first check all pictures and only move forward with the next steps when you can visible see the item on a human being. Good quality is made right and not rushed. Look close at linings and hems, are the hems straight? Do the seams match up? Are their strings hanging out? Look at the details the best you can in each picture. Do all the pictures look the same or could some be photoshopped? Does the fabric pull funny in places on the model? Zoom in and really take a look at those photos. Are the bodies distorted to make the item look better? Stay away from any crazy photoshopped pictures. This romper looks totally different on verses on a hanger. This is an example of what I mean, the change does nothing for the garment and the romper looks exactly how it look on the woman.

  2. Really examine the fabric used, even check the description. Can you tell what fabric it is? Does it look see through or possibly photoshopped to not look see through? So many items if made cheaply will look like a nice cotton but will be a cheap nylon something that is definitely see though material. Avoid it all cost you can begin to tell whats made in china. Now don’t get me wrong I’m in love with this water color tank and I never saw it on a model. Something’s you can gamble on and I put my money into this beautiful horse md came out with the win. It’s gorgeous and it’s a tank it was worth the gamble.

  3. Is the Price too good to be true? Then it most likely is. You know when something just seems fishy, a good solid coat that will keep you warm for winters to come will not be $25 dollars. No way,  use common sense partnered with your gut extinct and  you won’t be steered wrong.

  4. Consider the source, is this website reputable. Are their misspelled descriptions or crappy pictures? There are so many Chinese websites selling crap they call clothes. If you at all are hesitant about a piece use the contact page to ask any questions. I love it when I get a DM on any social website asking about a piece. Especially right now when my inventory is low I want every customer to love what I send them. I will remeasure the item again and get the customers measurements and double check . And I agree in a full refund if you are not happy, my store is about making it easy to find unique pieces you can’t find everywhere or on everyone. So email, DM or send me a pigeon if you have questions.



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