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Tights, tights and more tights.

I have always loved tights and I could not be more happy that this trend is back on the trendy streets. Tights are not so ordinary as they were in the 20’s, gone are the days one type in 2 colors, black and tan. Welcome to 2017 where you have too many choices in tights.  They now come in  polka dots, stripes and… I’ll show you more in this post. And for the sake of this post I am clumping Fishnets into the category of tights. They are not the same but they are so close to being the same that I am putting them together for the simplicity of this post.  I’ve seen fishnets and tights exchanged and intertwined bringing you the trend for Fall 2017. So without further ado here is a post dedicated to one of my favorite accessories.

  1. Dress this trend up or dress it down, wear the tights under some holy jeans (as seen in the pic above) or with some short shorts. This trend will elongate your legs making any 5’2 or shorter girl feel like she is a supermodel. So don’t be afraid to dress up this trend with a sexy skirt and boots or even those super high 6 inch stilettos.

  2. Tights will always hold you in and give you support right where you need it. I love anything that will tightened and lift those areas that my enemy gravity has been rubbing in my face every time I look into the mirror. Extra support and security is always a plus to any outfit so enjoy the perks and move on to the next reason why you should go buy a pair right meow.

  3. Isn’t it  obvious they keep you warm? I had one friend that would wear them under her jeans for this very reason, well and maybe for the reasonable but let’s keep her secret hidden away in this post. Double up on the fun and maybe the trouble and you will find yourself keeping warm now that winter is coming.

  4. They come in so many fun styes let me show you some.



5. I wanted to leave the creme  de la creme for last. Are you sitting down? You can get tights that sparkle! If this reason hasn’t sold you then please unsubscribe from this site. Just kidding, you don’t have to love what I love to appreciate this site. BUT, I want to bring this trend to my shop and maybe I still will. Who wants a pair? Leave me a note in the comments.

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